I Forgot My Keys

“He’s asleep,” Sophie said as she opened the door to let him in.

Although tired, he still sent her heart racing. Dark skin, short-cropped hair, and the darkest eyes she’d ever seen, Grant Jacobson was the reason she stopped hungering for her boyfriend’s touches. And when she had sex with him, she thought of Grant.

There should be a law against it.

She worked for him, as his son’s nanny. He’d been raising his adorable six-year-old all by himself, with the help of nannies that never stayed long. But she’d stayed for a year, and half of that time, she’d been lusting after him.

She stared at him as he walked past her into the house. His shirt sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. Veins bulged along the length of his exposed arm. His back muscles rippled as he walked.

She swallowed a lump in her throat.

“I’ll leave now.”

She hurried out of the house, wishing the ache between her legs would subside. Halfway down the street, she realized she’d forgotten her keys. Cussing, she turned back and knocked on the door. It opened on the fourth knock.

Grant was naked to the waist, a white towel tied around him. Drops of water cascaded down his muscled chest, which had a long line of hair that led to just above his groin.

Sophie’s mouth went dry.

“I forgot my keys,” she mumbled.

Grant stepped aside. She sauntered into the house, searching for her keys. She found it on the kitchen counter.

“Found it?”

Sophie jumped. She whirled to face him. He was staring at her with an intensity that made her knees weak.

“Y-yes, thank you,” she stuttered.

Sophie tried moving past him. He didn’t budge. Her gaze moved from the droplets of water on his chest to the towel around his waist. Tension was thick in the air. He took a step closer, backing her against the kitchen counter. Then he grabbed her waist and lowered his head, pausing just a breath away from her lips. He was asking for permission.

Sophie didn’t hesitate. She wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on tiptoe to kiss him. Heat exploded with her. His hand tightened around her waist. Lifting her onto the counter, he started caressing her. Her body burned under his touch. He pushed her skirt up until it was bunched around her waist.

His mouth moved to suck on her exposed neck. She threw her head back, gasping as his tongue touched the sweet spot just behind her ear. Inching his hand up her thigh, he cupped her pussy.

Sophie moaned, bucking against his palm.

Her breasts were crushed against his chest, his mouth on her neck. She shrugged off her jacket. She removed the blouse, leaving her bra and skirt. Grant’s eyes darkened as he stared at her cleavage. He reached behind her to unclasp her bra, and her breasts spilled free.


The desire in his gaze sent a tremor through her. He leaned in to suck on her nipples. Sophie arched her back, kneading the muscles of his back as his tongue played on her nipples. He moved to the other breast, sucking and licking, giving each equal attention.

A delicious shiver ran through her. Grant straightened and took a step back. His towel dropped. She licked her lips, feasting her eyes on his hard length. His cock was slightly curved, just how she liked it.

“I want to taste you,” Sophie purred.

Grant gave a low grunt. “Not yet.”

He drew her skirt down. Her underwear followed. She was naked.

Grant closed the distance between them. Her legs wrapped around his waist, and she waited for him to enter her. Her pussy was ready for the taking, ready for him. Grant lifted her off the counter. His cock danced on her clit, and she rocked her hips. Slowly, with his hands cupping her ass, he entered her. She looked down, awed by the contrast: his dark cock against her pale skin, entering her inch by inch until it was swallowed by her pussy.

Her walls clamped around him. Grant groaned. He lifted her slightly, bringing her down again. Sophie grasped his strong shoulders. He was all hardness, all male. His muscles rippled beneath her hands. His lips were hard on hers, and he stuck a tongue down her throat at the same time he thrust into her. Sophie’s attempts to stifle her moans flew out the window.

She dug her nails into his back, moving on his thick cock as he plunged into her. Up, down. Over and over. The pace increased, faster and faster until she was moaning uncontrollably. Sweat rolled down their skin. The sounds of slapping flesh and breathy pants filled the room.

“Harder,” she begged, rocking her hips.

Grant grunted. He thrust into her with a ferocity that made her gasp. Then he placed her on the counter and fucked her until she was cross-eyed. The sounds and smell of him filled her senses. He slowed his pace, staying still as he thrust deeply into her. The counter was cold underneath her bare ass. Grant stayed still for a few seconds, licking the skin above her collarbone. She tightened her hold on him.

“Move,” she growled.

Grant obliged. His groans were loud in her ears as he rocked against her. Her walls clenched around him. She bit down on his neck, digging her nails into his back as she rode her climax.

Grant didn’t stop until he filled her with his cum. She clung to him, their heavy breaths intermingling. His cock began to shrink inside her. They were immobile for a while, pausing to catch their breath. Sophie placed her head on his shoulder.

Withdrawing, he planted a kiss on her lips.

“I hope you forget your keys next time.”

Sophie’s lips spread in a mischievous smile.

“Next time. I’ll find it in your room.”

He groaned. Their eyes held, and she realized that she couldn’t get enough of him. Not just yet.